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Teachers may sign up for an adimistrative account by using their SCHOOL e-mail address. Allow 24 hours for approval. Once approved, you'll recieve a confirmation by e-mail.

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About the MusicRacer Teacher Login: This is a free service to be used by school teachers in order to help monitor the online activities of their students. This service will allow teachers to delete inappropriate entries to the Top 50 list, monitor the usage of students using their school's IP address, monitor students who have won the game but have not made the public list, and edit the name or school information of their students. Schools who have banned IP addresses may sign up for this service to get their service restored.

The applicant must use his or her school e-mail address to register.
Abuse or misuse of a teacher account will result in the terminaton of that teacher account, and
possibly the ban of that IP address from site access.
Applications will be approved or denied within 24 hours.